• 1. Print Fitting Gauge

    Download and print the Hush Puppies fitting gauge (ensure you print at 100%).
    Carefully cut off the measuring tape checking the measure against a ruler to ensure it's to scale.

    Download printable fitting gauge
  • 2. Measure the Length

    Place the fitting gauge on a hard flat floor to ensure correct measurement.
    Ask the child to stand and place the heel of their foot on the line.

    Measure the length of the child's foot, be sure to measure each foot as they can differ.

  • 3. Measure the Width

    Measure the width of each foot (this is where Fit Left Fit Right technology comes in to allow a different width fitting for each foot).

    Using the tape to measure the widest part of the child's foot, this is usually from the joint of the biggest toe to the joint of the smallest toe.
    Be sure to pull the tape so it is snug to the foot.

  • 4. Calculate shoe size

    Now each foot has been individually measured, compare to the chart printed for the perfect fit.

    Each pair of Fit Left Fit Right shoes comes with all three insoles for each shoe.

  • 5.Check the fit

    Once your new Hush Puppies have arrived you will need to check to ensure they fit correctly.
    You will need to perform these steps on each foot.

    Length - help the child put the shoes on and ensure they are tightly fastened. Ask them to wiggle their toes whilst you feel for their longest toe, this is to ensure there is growing room we recommend allowing 14mm for growth in shoes and 10mm for growth in open toe sandals.

    Width - Insert the correct insole per shoe depending on your measurements above.
    Feel along the sides of the shoe to make sure there is no presure (ask them to wiggle their little toe if they can't then change up an insole).

  • Top - Feel along the top of the shoe to ensure there are no gaps or bulging of the foot.

    Heel - Ask the child to sit, lift their foot off the floor and slight pull at the heel to look for any movement. The shoe should grip the foot comfortably.

    Finally ask your child to walk in the shoes (we know they'll soon tell you if they don't fit!), look at the heels to make sure they grip the foot and can walk naturally.